My thoughts on Construct2 so far.

So I’ve decided to code a game called Tines and Barbs invented by this guy Tony. It’s his spiritual successor to chess (and 100x more complected).

I heard about Construct2 from /r/gamedev awhile ago and decided it would be fun to give it a try. I’ve never liked messing with code to get graphics to look right on the screen and it’s an HTML5 engine (for better or worse).

Coming into the project I stripped all the game pieces from his PDF and I’m currently implementing the piece mechanics. So far I’ve learned that 105x105 grid pieces makes math harder than just 100x100. I love the automatic tiling option, but the sprite type had me confused at first.

Apparently what is put on screen is an instance of the sprite piece that are linked together(?). I don’t really understand why each instance can’t be unique (apparently they are during runtime, but the GUI doesn’t really give any specific information).

Now the event system is a total mess. I have yet to figure out how to do any kind of logic or if I can create function. I get the point of hiding the programming away in the front end, but the event system should at least have the option of a scripting language for game logic (but who wants to write a parser?).

I guess I can try to explain it to clarify. I have a game piece on the board. I want to add an event where if the piece is clicked a list of available actions will appear. Now one would think that one should add an event, select that object type, select the “is clicked” event, and then one can add subevents (like create a new object at point x,y with options).

It really just seems like the program is hamstrung or I am doing something very wrong.

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